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What is the ideal dining table shape for you?

, by Cloe de Vries, 3 min reading time

Which dining table shape is best for you? A dining table is the central element in your interior where a lot of time is spent together. Everyone comes together to discuss the day or have a bite to eat together. There are different shapes such as: a round, oval, square or rectangular dining table. Read on quickly to find out.


Would you like a dining table for a small space? Then go for one round dining table . You can easily move around this and a few extra industrial dining room chairs move in. A round shape is comfortable for everyone because the leg is often in the middle. Everyone can therefore easily reach the entire table top. Conversations can be kept central at this table, which also makes it a cozy dining table. The round dining table has no corners where children can hurt themselves.

The disadvantage is that a round dining table, due to its shape, is not suitable for narrow spaces. It also cannot be pushed against the wall because there is then one seat less and the table cannot be extended as easily by sliding a table onto it.


An oval dining table is becoming more and more a trend. There are several advantages to having an oval dining table. Just like a round dining table, you can easily move around this table and there are no corners for children to bump into. Everyone can sit comfortably because extra chairs can easily be placed. Also, because of the oval shape, the dining table is more suitable for a narrow space than the round one. The disadvantage is that this dining table, like a round one, is not easy to extend and cannot be pushed to the side. You can, however, combine such a stylish table with one industrial hanging lamp , although there are of course also matching lamps for other tables.


You don't need a long wall for a square dining table. This shape dining table is very suitable for small spaces. You can also easily slide this table against the wall to create extra space. The equal width and length give the room a symmetrical appearance. Need more space at the table? Then a square table can easily be expanded by sliding two dining tables together.

The disadvantage of this square shape is that it is less easy to pull chairs together. Children can also easily bump into the sharp corners of the square.


Of all shapes, the rectangular has been the most popular for years. If you like to decorate, then this table is definitely a good option for you. You can store a lot of things on the rectangular dining table. This shape is most suitable from six people and is best placed in a spacious dining room. Those who prefer to sit high can also opt for a bar table with an industrial design instead of a low model.

Compared to the other dining table shapes, this one has a bit more distance between people and children can easily bump into the corners.

After reading this blog, do you still have questions about choosing the right dining table shape? Feel free to contact our customer service. View here our range of different dining tables.

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