Moët & Chandon Canal House

Moët & Chandon Canal House

, by Cloe de Vries, 2 min reading time

Moët & Chandon Canal House
pop-up champagne bar from Moët & Chandon with our furniture and accessories supplier Richmond Interiors!

In April, our supplier Richmond Interiors was able to provide the beautiful pop-up champagne bar from Moët & Chandon with furniture and accessories. The pop-up champagne bar has been open for 11 days and attracted a lot of attention with the unexpected acts of ballet dancers, a brass band and window cleaners who transformed into dancers. In addition to the legendary and surprising acts, the Richmond Interiors items completed the luxurious appearance of the champagne bar. Curious how Richmond Interiors made the pop-up bar hotel chic and stylish? Read on and get inspired!


The Moët & Chandon Canal House consists of a beautiful large bar and a living room. To draw attention to the large bar, stylist Buro Foelie has chosen a large number of Xenia bar chairs in white boucle. The white bar chair with golden base exudes luxury and immediately creates a stylish interior. In addition to the bar chair looking beautiful, it also has a wonderful seating comfort. Are you still looking for an elegant bar chair for your interior? Then the Xenia bar chair is a perfect chair for you! In addition to the bar chair, the Xenia is also available as a counter chair. The Xenia counter chair is slightly lower than the bar chair and is therefore perfect for your kitchen island.


The hotel chic and stylish collections of Richmond Interiors can also be seen in the living room of the Moët & Chandon Canal House. The living room is

decorated with different white furniture in combination with golden details. By using different materials and structures, a homely and warm atmosphere has been created. The various furniture in white bouclé and white furry give the room a unique look. By also highlighting the golden details, the items fit perfectly with the atmosphere that Moët & Chandon wanted to create in their champagne bar.


Have you also fallen in love with the hotel chic look of the Richmond Interiors items? Then let yourself be inspired on our instagram account. 

Photography: Koen van der Lee


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