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6 secret tips for a top design interior

, by Cloe de Vries, 3 min reading time

Interior is a reflection of your identity. Every house therefore looks different. A different atmosphere or a different look, almost anything is possible. One prefers a modern interior while the other prefers a rural interior with wood.

Nevertheless, there are a number of basic principles that you should pay attention to when furnishing your home. With the tips below you will have a cozy and warm interior in no time where you can cocoon for hours.

  1. Accentuate

An eye-catcher is indispensable in any interior. Striking items such as designer chairs, works of art or lamps bring your interior to life. The flashier, the better! Bright colours, striking prints or eccentric looks, the choice is yours. The advantage of such eye-catchers is that they fit into any interior style.

  1. Rhythm

The essence of rhythm in interior design is repetition. Rhythm is therefore the return of certain forms in your interior. Just think of progression (eg placing candles at different heights) or transitions such as a curved doorway. Contrasts also generate the so-called rhythm effect.

If you apply these movements to patterns, colors, lines or textures, dynamics are created. Dancing patterns and colors bring your interior to life. Your interior becomes a vibrant place where you can relax.

  1. Scale and proportion

Scale and proportion, it seems a logical part of designing your interior. Yet this is the most overlooked. Also, the difference between the two is not always clear.

Scale is the ratio of an item to the room. A large table in a small room is not done because it creates stress.


Proportion, in turn, refers to the shape of an item. A square table with a rectangular bowl creates confusion.

How do I integrate scale and proportion into my space?
Divide your space based on its size. In a large room, for example, you use large furniture and decoration. It goes without saying that this will look busy in a small space. Patterns also have a counterproductive effect in a small space. Also think about your white spaces, the space around and above your furniture. Not every inch of the room needs to be filled.

  1. Contrast

Contrast remains the predominant living trend. It offers countless design options. Opposites attract is the message here. Surprising combinations always create a quirky and personal interior. However, you can quickly go wrong. Play it safe with the tips below:

  • Experiment with materials: hard with soft contrasts or matte and glossy or transparent with opaque
  • Mix different shapes: round with straight shapes or curved with straight lines
  • Create bold color combinations
  • Combine different living styles and create your own style

  1. balance

Balance is putting different elements together so that they form a whole. There must be a balance between your decoration material. Fan of the Rituals scented candles, but it clashes with that hip vase? Make a stack of coffee table books and place the scented candles underneath. The eyes relax and balance is created.

  1. Harmony

Whether you want to lounge, chill or cocoon. The interior of your home determines whether you can relax. How to create a harmonious interior:

  • Make use of light sources. Light sources are functional and they are literally a source of heat.
  • Mix old and new - antiques are warm and homely - when you combine them with modern pieces you have your own original interior style
  • Create living groups – groups that consist of different connecting elements. Think, for example, of furniture, textiles and accessories that are deliberately positioned together, creating a harmonious whole.
  • This one is kind of self-explanatory – less is more
  • Decorate the corners of your rooms with furniture or plants

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