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  • Shopping Awards 2023

    , by Cloe de Vries Shopping Awards 2023

    Interiøry is trots om aan te kondigen dat we deelnemen aan de Shopping Awards 2023! Deze wedstrijd is een belangrijke stap voor ons bedrijf en...

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  • Moët & Chandon Canal House

    , by Cloe de Vries Moët & Chandon Canal House

    Moët & Chandon Canal House pop-up champagne bar from Moët & Chandon with our furniture and accessories supplier Richmond Interiors! In April, our supplier Richmond...

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  • Voordelen meubels van acaciahout - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries Advantages furniture made of acacia wood

    An acacia wood piece of furniture is a showpiece in your interior. Did you know that acacia wood furniture offers several benefits? In this blog...

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  • Wat is velvet? - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries What is Velvet?

    A velvet chair or armchair is super comfortable and wonderfully soft. But what exactly is velvet? And what are the benefits of velvet? What is...

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  • Wat is de ideale vorm eettafel voor jou? - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries What is the ideal dining table shape for you?

    Which dining table shape is best for you? A dining table is the central element in your interior where a lot of time is spent...

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  • 6 geheime tips voor een op-en-top design interieur - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries 6 secret tips for a top design interior

    Interior is a reflection of your identity. Every house therefore looks different. A different atmosphere or a different look, almost anything is possible. One prefers...

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  • Thuiswerken hoeft niet pijnlijk te zijn - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries Working from home doesn't have to be painful

    BACKACHE Do you suffer from your lower back? Research shows that one in five suffers from back pain. The cause of this is often due...

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  • Wat is mangohout? - Interiøry

    , by Cloe de Vries What is mango wood?

    mango wood! Is that wood from a mango tree? Correct! It is now widely used for furniture. But why exactly? What are the characteristics of...

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